Count Your Summers!

Today I have the privilege of being the featured blogger with the Just 18 Summers parenting website. If you haven’t checked out this online magazine, you’re missing an amazing resource for parents! There are daily articles on everything from planting seeds of faith in our children, to teaching responsibility, to unique crafting for every age group.

The site offers something for everyone in this incredible journey of raising our children.

Remember, we only have 18 summers! 


The mission of Just 18 Summers:
·         To help make the daily journey easier for parents
·         To provide practical skills tips, and knowledge
·         To help parents have fun and make memories with their children
·         To help parents plant character traits and spiritual roots in their children
·         To inspire parents to be the parents their children need
·         To encourage parents in their most important role ever
·         To help moms and dads recharge their parenting batteries

(Excerpted from the Just 18 Summers website)

Check out my article about teaching our children to serve with passion, then hang around and get to know Just 18 Summers.

Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

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