“We All Need Something”

1Peter 3 15In the aftermath of the Orlando tragedies, there is a chaotic blur of sorrow, asking why, placing blame, and searching for answers.

In the hours of news coverage, one survivor’s interview leaped out at me. I replayed the words several times and the weight of them sent me to the foot of the Cross.


I believe the words of this precious, hurting soul highlight our mission as Christians.

They are a call to action. 

Reporter: Is there anything you would like to tell the world?

Survivor of Orlando shooting: Keep praying. I’m not a very religious person. Whatever religion you are, no matter what you believe—send it, whatever, our way. We all need it. We all need something. We all need that hope. Just, just keep praying for us. We all need it.

“We all need something. We all need that hope.”

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this is our reason.

Our purpose.

Our war-cry.

The world is lost and battle-weary. They need hope. This man’s words are the reason we speak, write, teach, and live the teachings of Jesus.

If your heart is torn, keep this in mind:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him (John 3:17).

Not to condemn,

But to save.

Join me in praying for the victims’ families, the survivors, and the community of Orlando. Pray that in the midst of unfathomable tragedy, many will turn to the Living God. And pray that each of us will be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have.

In Christ,

Leigh Ann

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