The Midlife Zone


From Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone:

Perhaps you woke one morning and realized a huge chunk of time slipped by overnight. Every packed-with-activity day has been the same for so long you were lulled into thinking life would always be this way. Your son has moved out on his own, or your daughter has started college in another city. A wedding is on the horizon. Your parents are experiencing health problems and need you more and more.

You meet the gaze of the woman in the mirror and notice a touch of restlessness. What’s-always-been slipped away when you weren’t paying attention and left you feeling dazed and slightly panicked.

But in spite of what your senses tell you, this is not the end of a life of vibrancy, purpose, and joy. Your story is part of God’s greater story, and the best is still to come.

The God who promises to finish what he started is ready with outstretched arms. He knows this packed-with-transition season can be infused with growth, discovery, and edge-of-your-seat adventure. The only requirements? A child-like trust and a heart of wonder and anticipation.

Our Lord is waiting. Grab his hand and hold on tight.

We have exploring to do!

Lord, I admit to feeling a little lost right now. My life is changing so fast, and I want to hold on to what I’ve always known. But Lord, I know you created me for joyful, purposeful living. You never intended for me to live in the past, weighted with fear and uncertainty. You call me to deeper waters—to live in such a way that others are drawn to you. I’m unsure of the next steps, Father, but I trust in your love and I pray for your perfect peace.


Praise for Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone

Many of us who are bogged down in the busy motherhood years sometimes look into the future and imagine life after mountains of laundry and running Mom’s Taxi Service—or we gaze ahead wistfully to our retirement years. But unexpected emotions often arise as those moments approach, sometimes accompanied with a fearful “Now what?” In Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone, Leigh Ann Thomas walks us through this stage of life with encouragement, laughter, and godly principles. A must-read!

Michelle Cox, author and contributor to over 20 books, including Just 18 Summersand the When God Calls the Heartdevotional series

With depth of heart and full of every emotion, Leigh Ann Thomas creatively captures the realities every woman “in the middle” experiences. Don’t be fooled by the moments of laughter—they will be followed by notes of introspection that will move you to the Cross. Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone is the perfect blend of story and inspiration that connects me to women I have yet to meet. Even better, the Holy Spirit flows out of the words on the page to convict me and love me.

Whether your journey is just beginning, or you are smack in the middle of the middle—Leigh Ann will befriend and help you on your way as she points you to the One who knows and loves you best!

Shelley Pierce, pastor’s wife, ministry leader, author ofmultiple books, including Sweet Moments for the Pastor’s Wife

Leigh Ann Thomas is the real thing—an authentic Christian in a world full of pretenders. Using her gifts to write, present thought-provoking dramas, and lead conferences, Leigh Ann touches everyone with whom she comes in contact with words that challenge them to do significant self-reflection using God’s word as their measuring instrument. The same is true in the pages of this book. Her words will make you smile and maybe tear up a bit as you recognize yourself in them, but mostly, they will push you to truly seek God’s best in your current season of life.

Caroline McManus Jones, retired missionary to Chile, inspirational speaker, and women’s ministry leader

What you see is what you get—literally—with Leigh Ann Thomas’s latest book, Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone! Leigh Ann’s honesty, humility, and humor will speak straight to your heart as you join her on this inevitable journey into the ever-changing process of aging. As you read, you will be encouraged to find that you are not alone on this daily-roller-coaster road trip. And you will definitely be inspired by glimpses into Leigh Ann’s real-life escapades, her heart-felt prayers, and her challenges for quiet reflections while on your own faith journey.

Phyllis Elliott Elvington, Bible teacher, speaker, and multi-published author

Leigh Ann’s words stir me deeply as I also experience midlife. Her skillful writing mixes wisdom and humor, allowing the reader to process this sudden season with a biblical perspective and tender amusement. Leigh Ann’s devotion to the Lord plus her ability to lead others toward Him make this book a powerful resource for middle-aged women.

Emily Wickham, author, speaker, mentor, and founder of Proclaiming Him to Women Ministries

In Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone, Leigh Ann Thomas takes the traditional mindset of being “middle aged” and turns it on its head. She uses a wonderful combination of humor and personal stories, all centered around the Word of God, to help us navigate this phase of life that is filled with so much change—by depending on and glorifying our Lord who never changes. You will receive encouragement and purpose for every situation, from dealing with the emotion of children leaving the nest, to the weariness of caring for aging parents, as each page intentionally leads you to refreshing Scriptures and strengthening prayer.

Rev. Matt Martin, pastor, Cool Springs Baptist Church, Sanford, NC

Using both wisdom and wit, Leigh Ann Thomas offers readers an insightful glimpse into the mystery of midlife. The melding of real-life stories with scripture extends hope and encouragement to women of all ages.

Cathy Baker, author of the Pauses for the Vacationing Soul devotional series


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