Mother of the Bride

Take a major life transition, infuse it with every imaginable emotion, sprinkle it with 1,001 must-be-made-now decisions, and what do you have?

A wedding.

You’re walking alongside your daughter as she dreams, plans, and organizes. You laugh and you cry. A lot. As you wade through the chaos, are you tempted to huddle in a corner with a box of chocolates?

This unique season doesn’t have to bring on food binges and panic attacks. With the Lord’s guidance, it can be an opportunity to walk with God in a fresh way.

Through Scripture, prayers, and the personal stories of women who’ve been there, Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace encourages and uplifts the mother of the bride.

With insight and humor, Thomas reveals how God’s peace and love can flow through you to your husband, your daughter, your future son-in-law, and others involved in this beautiful and sacred event.

Endorsements for Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace:

A wedding can be a hectic time—for the bride and for the mother of the bride. Even moms who have traveled this road before need a breather, time to reflect, renew, and rejoice. Leigh Ann Thomas’s book, Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace, provides just that. Perfect size morsels of goodness for the MOB to digest in an otherwise too-busy-to-eat season of her life. Simply wonderful!

—Eva Marie Everson, author of Five Brides, Tyndale Publishers 2015

In Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace, Leigh Ann Thomas captures the tender heart of a mom as she becomes the mother of the bride—the challenges, fears, joys, and soul-aching poignancy. Filled with godly wisdom and heart-tugging stories, it’s a beautiful reflection of this special time between a mother and her daughter.

—Michelle Cox, author of God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box and Just 18 Summers

 What a moving and inspiring devotional! Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace touches a chord with any parent who has experienced the life-altering transition of preparing for a wedding while also preparing to watch their child leave the nest. With both humor and sensitivity, author Leigh Ann Thomas walks mothers through the emotional journey of letting go with grace. I encourage this devotional to be read by every mother of the bride—and mother of the groom as well!

—Elaine Marie Cooper, author of Saratoga Letters

My oldest daughter, Abby, married the love of her life in June 2016. I wish I’d had Leigh Ann’s book to guide me through that emotional journey. I read several practical wedding-planning, checklist-type books after Abby and Micah became engaged. I thought I was on top of everything, but nothing truly prepares you for the year leading up to your daughter’s wedding—until now.

Leigh Ann’s writing is tender and encouraging. She lets you know that you’re not going on this journey alone. Her spiritual insights will prove invaluable as you navigate this path. Being the mother of the bride is a privilege; however, it’s also one of the most stressful seasons I’ve ever experienced.

My youngest daughter recently announced her engagement, so I get to be the mother of the bride all over again. Yay! I’m truly grateful that this time around I’ll have Leigh Ann’s encouraging book in my mother-of-the-bride bag of essentials.

—Michelle Medlock Adams, Award-winning writer of over 70 books, including Love and Care for the One and Only You

Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace is a reminder to any mother of the bride that in the midst of dress shopping, vendor visits, cake samplings, and the endless list of to-dos, that God is in control and knows a mother’s heart. This devotional is a book of great inspiration, full of wisdom and humor, and can touch and soothe a mother’s soul.

—Mary Lutz, Certified Wedding Planner, A Lovely Affair Weddings and Events

It’s one of those times when you need God’s Word the most—your daughter is getting married.  Leigh Ann Thomas gives you the Word of God through beautiful and encouraging daily devotionals that will walk you through the excitement of picking out the all-important mother-of-the-bride dress, through the adjustments of seeing your daughter’s empty bedroom.  Ribbons, Lace and Moments of Grace helps your relationship with Christ grow through this exciting yet difficult time as you encourage your daughter.  You have prayed for this moment your daughter’s entire life; Leigh Ann Thomas’s work will help you to allow God to use this day to bring glory to Him.

—Rev. Matthew Martin, Pastor—Cool Springs Baptist Church

Leigh Ann Thomas has drawn us into her personal life and the personal lives of people wanting God to be glorified by the music, Scriptures, words and worship of a wedding—a living drama telling the story of Christ’s return for His Bride.

As Leigh Ann’s pastor for almost 20 years I was always amazed at the way she could capture life in a sentence and paint living pictures with her hand movements, with her dramas and her true to life comedy.  Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace is a wonderful example of how Leigh Ann can capture a passionate true-to-life story and run your laughter head-on into your tears. For 20 years I enjoyed playing the devil’s advocate with this sweet saint of God, not realizing she was taking notes.  Just goes to show you the pen is mightier than the practical joke.

The subtitle of Leigh Ann’s book is Inspiration for the Mother of the Bride, but this book is for anyone and everyone that loves life and wants to grow closer to God.

—Rev. James Ira Sutton, Pastor, retired

When I began reading the Introduction, I hadn’t read very far before I had tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a pain in my heart.  All the memories of helping my two daughters plan their weddings came back – all the fun and laughter; but, also, all the fear, anxiety, sometimes panic and doubt that comes with every little decision that had to be made.  I wish I had had this book in 1990 – my own journey would have been easier.

I’ve known Leigh Ann Thomas for many years – mostly as an outstanding skit writer and performer.  Personally, I have loved her as a friend and encourager and I have long admired her striving toward perfection in being the image of Christ.

Every new mother of the bride should have this book in the beginning.  Every woman would benefit from the scripture, the prayer, the thought processes of Leigh Ann and the striving to be like Christ.

—Ruby Fulbright, Executive Director/Treasurer WMU NC, retired