Staying Between the Lines


I was recently reminded of how thankful I am for boundaries.

The road in front of our home was repaved. And for three weeks, no lines.

You would think there would be a sense of freedom without lines. But to be honest, I was a nervous wreck.

There was a feeling of anything goes…drive wherever you like, as fast as you like. I couldn’t trust other cars to stay on their side of the road (and I barely trusted myself to remain on my side).

The day that fresh lines were drawn I pulled out of our driveway with an exuberant, yes!

A false sense of security? Maybe. Because I would still be traveling through space up to 55-ish mph within inches of other tons of steel.

But still. The lines mean something—if you don’t care to be flattened by a Mack truck, stay on your side of the line.

bible-glasses-notebookGod’s Word is brimming with boundaries. Lines are drawn in every area of life—lines to bring direction, safety, and stability to our lives.

But to some, the lines are annoying and intrusive. “The Bible is too rigid. Why should I follow laws, rules, and advice written centuries ago?”

Well, let me tell you—this stuff is good. Check this out:

Ever wonder how long/often is appropriate to visit a neighbor? Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house—too much of you, and they will hate you. (Proverbs 25:17 NIV)

Good, right? (Not to mention a tad funny…)

How about handling a difficult person? A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (Proverbs 15:1 NIV)

And this one: What’s the big deal about complaining to my husband once in a while? It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home. (Proverbs 21:9 NLT)

Um, ouch.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Big 10 (you know…those commandments). In fact, this verse is the perfect summary:

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. (2 Peter 1:3 NIV)

“Everything we need…” Balm to the souls of boundary-loving folks.   


Because it reminds us of the depth of our Savior’s love. He wants the best for us—abundant, beautiful, purposeful living.

I mean, why do we give boundaries to our children? We desire to love and protect them.

So this week, let’s thank God for His boundaries.

Because His lines showcase the greatest love ever.


Do boundaries and lines make you feel more secure? Are there any you would prefer to toss out?


Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

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