All Things–For the Good

Delays, delays!

A recent 4 1/2–hour flight from Austin, TX to Raleigh, NC morphed into nearly 12 hours.

The problem?

Severe thunderstorms rocked the South and interfered with dozens of flights. Exhausted travelers and flight crews worked to maintain cheerful attitudes (Um, a handful of flyers gave up trying).

Upon takeoff, the flight was bumpy and the seat belt signs remained engaged. I tried not to worry as volatile air currents seemed to have their way with our aircraft.

(The whole flying thing seems illogical to me anyway. I mean, really. Shooting through the air in a metal tube? Mercy.)

But then something amazing happened.  Continue reading

Staying Between the Lines


I was recently reminded of how thankful I am for boundaries.

The road in front of our home was repaved. And for three weeks, no lines.

You would think there would be a sense of freedom without lines. But to be honest, I was a nervous wreck.

There was a feeling of anything goes…drive wherever you like, as fast as you like. I couldn’t trust other cars to stay on their side of the road (and I barely trusted myself to remain on my side). Continue reading