Ah, Vacation!

rainpic1Slipping away to the beach for an early-morning walk, I feel light rain on my face. Should I turn back? Is this the beginning of a downpour?

I pause before taking a few more steps toward the shore. Seagulls soar overhead, while waves race each other to the sand. The rain picks up a little. Again, I wonder if I should turn back. Then…

…I notice a faint streak of color. At first soft and pale, the colors deepen into the brilliant spectrum of a rainbow. Overwhelmed, my heart squeezes and I begin to sing…How Great Is Our God

But wait…I’m in a public place. I must look pretty strange, feet in the sand, singing to a rainbow. I glance around, self-conscious.

But the moment draws me back in, and with God’s help, I stay.

And I worship.

As I cherish these all-too-brief moments, I am reminded of a couple of things. First, our Creator God can do anything. He is in control. He is bigger and stronger than any circumstance in our lives.

And second, if I had turned back when things became a little unpleasant, I would have missed a unique opportunity to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Oh Father, give me strength and courage…to be thankful for the rain.



How awesome is the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth!  Psalm 47:2

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