Fun on the FridgeFront!

RRichards1-ed 544KB 300resToday, I’m honored to be a guest on Ramona’s FridgeFront, the creative blog of author, editor, and speaker, Ramona Pope Richards.

From her blog:

Sticking here whatever appeals to me, just as I would to the front of a refrigerator. Part journal, part scrapbook, it’ll be a collection of ramblings, reviews, book excerpts, photos, devotionals, links to other stuff. It won’t always be sweet or inspirational or even fun. Sorta like life.

In her interview, I share the story behind my new release, Smack-Dab in the Midlife Zone and why the book is dedicated to the memory of my sweet grandmother.

I invite you to hop over to Ramona’s blog for the interview and to hang around and explore her much-adorned fridgefront!

Blessings and joy,

Leigh Ann 🙂

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