Winter Evening Reads

resized_reading_by_the_fire_books_istockOh, wintertide. I try to love you. I really do. My heart bravely endures the 1.7 days of southern snow and sleet each year, and I semi-cheerfully add a layer of long sleeves to battle the onslaught of below-fifty-degree air.

The struggle is real. I mean, I’m a southern gal for a reason. In fact, could we pause for a minute of sincere silence for the joys of flip-flops, shorts, and sitting on the front porch until 9pm?

Thanks. I just, um, needed a moment.

There is a bright spot in these long winter evenings. We can stoke the fire and curl up with a good book, article, or blogpost. So, while we wait for the much-beloved early signs of spring, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, light a candle or throw a log on the fire, and grab your favorite blanket. Check out a few favorites I’ve enjoyed these past weeks. Happy reading!

Articles on Family and Parenting

Seven Questions to Ask Your Daughter’s Boyfriend by Greg Morse,

The Truth About Mom-Guilt by Marcy Martin,

What Do Scary Things Do? by Mary Holloman

All the Things  by Leigh Ann Thomas, (Yes, I slipped in one of my own)

Articles to Challenge our Christ-Walk

Should Women Shout Their Abortions? by Mary Holloman, GPCC

There is Always Hope by Sylvia Schroeder

Books—Inspirational Suspense

Mistaken Twin by Jodie Bailey

Beneath the Surface (Dive Team Investigations) by Lynn H. Blackburn (Faith-based, but a little intense for younger/teen readers.)


With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray

My Utmost for His Highest (Updated Language) by Oswald Chambers

Books—Devotional and Women’s Fiction

When Calls the Heart to Love by Michelle Cox and Brian Bird

A Southern Season: Stories from a Front Porch Swing by Eva Marie Everson, Linda Yezak,  Ane Mulligan, Claire Fullerton

The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

Please share your recommendations!

Blessings and joy,

Leigh Ann 🙂

4 thoughts on “Winter Evening Reads

  1. Nice list, Leigh Ann! And it’s definitely the perfect season for curling up with a good book. 🙂 I actually love winter! ha! Stay warm. It’s 24 degrees here this morning!


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