Inspiring Reads


Yay, spring! Finally.

The season’s beauty beckons us to leave winter’s hibernation behind. We’ve entered that most exquisite of times—the days grow a touch longer and warmer, yet summer’s heat remains a few weeks away.

Outdoors is the place to be.

But after a busy day absorbing our quota of vitamin D, the evening awaits—and so does a lot of great reading.

Check out the following links to articles and sites I continue to enjoy. Some are new discoveries and others are regular go-tos.

And if you have sites to recommend, let us know in the comments.

Happy reading!

I’m a touch biased, but is a resource loaded with mom-encouragement. From DIY projects to devotions, to parenting toddlers, teens, and special-needs, there are articles for the most discerning reader.


Let’s Talk About It (Chatting about our favorite flowers/blooms)

It’s Just My Brother (Talking about God’s provision for siblings of children with special needs)

10 Things to Do in Car Line (Um, yeah)

Soulful Ink is a new website that bills itself as “A gathering place where creatives are nurtured and encouraged as we challenge each other to make room for artistry of the soul.”

This group of creative, talented writers is all about cultivating creativity, encouraging community, and simplifying life.

So many great ideas! (Cultivating Creativity) is one of my favorite sites for many reasons. Check out this article on moms seeking validation, and you’ll see why.

Cathy’s writing is rich and genuine and you’ll feel like you’re sitting down with a friend for coffee. Simply love it.

Oh, and she’s doing an entire series on building a tiny house! How fun is that? is also a favorite. These article links are sure to please!

The Problem Solver by Mary Holloman

Mama, You Forgot by Meredith Mills

Praying For My Child’s Safety by Edie Melson

Do you have favorite relaxed-reading sites? Please share!

Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Reads

  1. I’m so glad you introduced me to In the Quiver. It’s an excellent site filled with much wisdom! Thank you for including my site as well as Soulful Ink. 🙂 You’re such a blessing, Leigh Ann. I look forward to seeing you at Blue Ridge in a few weeks. Blessings, friend!


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