Just Because


I’ve read the verse countless times. Cast all your anxiety on Him… (Yes, Lord, I get it. I’m supposed to place all worry and stress at your feet. Just give it to You. Lay it down and walk away…)

But this time, I couldn’t get past the word, “cast.”

A strong word—one that carries more force and action than merely “placing” or “laying.” The official definition is to throw or hurl; fling.

Well, my goodness. This changes things. 

Those anxiety-laced moments? Those times of stress when we’re tempted to throw something across the room?

God’s word gives us the green light to do some serious flinging—directly to His faithful, compassionate heart.

Cast all your anxiety on Him…

When we are paralyzed with worry over our childrenforcefully throw that worry at the feet of Jesus.

When we don’t know the next step to takefiercely hurl that uncertainty to the One Who directs our paths.

When our world is shaken through hardships and unforeseen circumstancesmightily fling that stress and anxiety to the foot of the Cross.



He is faithful.

He is able.

And He cares for you.


I’m ready to do some serious flinging. How about you?

Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

8 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Isn’t it amazing how God’s timing is so perfect! I have loved that verse since I was a child. God knew I needed a reminder today. So thankful that He used your blog to give me a nudge today! By the way, don’t we have some awesome children and 2 shared grandsons that can surely put a smile on your face!


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