Sweet Freedom

freedom1As I waited for my computer’s antivirus software to grab another little chunk from my credit card, I thought about all the preventative measures we take. It’s a part of life to line up protection for gadgets, homes, cars, etc. We spend a ridiculous amount of cash to keep stuff (and ourselves) safe.

We live in a fallen world and the weight of evil can be overwhelming. Moaning under the burden, we may ask why?

It all comes back to what we celebrate this week.


It is good and right to celebrate the USA as many fought and died for the privilege of doing so. We are blessed to be Americans and there is no other place I’d rather live, work, and raise a freedom3family.

But let’s not forget freedom’s foundation. Our Creator breathed life into us, gave us a home, and gifted us with a choice. We can honor, serve, and love Him…or not. God doesn’t twist our arm or hold a gun to our head. He faithfully loves, woos, and calls to us.

And He ultimately paid the price for our rebellion by laying down His life on a cross. He gave us the gift of freedom, watched, heartbroken, as we abused it, and still provided a way of restoration.


freedom4Somewhere on this planet, a person is spending time and energy designing ways to infect my computer with a virus that could destroy my hard drive and cause me stress. This person has the God-given freedom to do so.

But my prayer is that he (or she) would stop squandering this beautiful gift of life and reach for the real freedom offered in Christ.

An amazing, undeserved freedom from an eternity without Him.

 Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. I Peter 2:16

 What freedoms are you especially thankful for this week?

Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

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