Bahaha (You Crack Me Up)


I must confess…I’m rather glad the Valentine’s Day hoopla is behind us. My sweetheart and I were growing weary of ads showing us how to show “true love” to each other. Seriously. How many diamonds and teddy bears does a girl need? (I won’t argue with the chocolate…I mean, some things are non-negotiable).

But all the rush to spend big bucks on stuff got me to thinking. After 32 years of marriage, what are my favorite memories of Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and birthdays? What “gifts” outlasted the flowers and boxes of chocolate? 

Without fail, my favorite moments are those where we simply shared time. We unplugged from regular life and enjoyed conversation and that rare thing called eye contact.

joyful heart is good medicineAnd we laughed—at ourselves, each other, and the chaotic world swirling around us. I truly believe it kept us sane (and continues to do so…).

One of God’s greatest gifts, this thing called laughter has magical qualities. It lowers stress hormones and releases endorphins (that’s as far as the science/health lesson will go…). I’ve seen the love of my life sit up a little taller and walk with more confidence after making his wife roll with laughter (at the joke, not him).

Short version: laughter makes you feel good. Shared laughter (as long as it’s not hurtful or mocking) bonds us together and creates intimacy. Laughter also helps us heal—from hurts, disappointments, and sorrows. God reaches through despair and provides a memory that brings a smile or a chuckle. How many times have we laughed while crying?

A fascinating gift. And one for which I am crazy-thankful.

Hundred-dollar teddy bears? No thanks. This girl will take a (large) bag of peanut M&M’s and an evening with my favorite comedian (Um…my husband, remember?)

But since my hubby’s comedic genius is reserved for his sweetheart, check out this guy:

He really cracks us up…

(Tim Hawkins)

How does God’s gift of laughter make a difference in your day?

Have a blessed week!


Leigh Ann 🙂

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