Date Night

3078659661_1930e9fe87For the last couple of weekends I’ve enjoyed spending time with my grandsons (that would be Jack and Benjamin 🙂 ) so that their parents could enjoy a little “couple time.”

I am a big believer in the importance of Date Night—especially when your children are little. Something about getting away for even a couple of hours gives a parent fresh perspective and renewed strength to keep going.

Watching my daughters and sons-in-law brought back a lot of memories. I loved how each couple left amid a dozen instructions and a flurry of call-if-you-need-us reminders before racing to their cars. Then—and I knew it would be this way—they were just as eager to return home, scooping up their tiny rascals and planting multiple kisses on sweet faces.

In those early days, the Lord impressed upon my husband and me the importance of making time for each other. But sometimes, it was a little tough to shift focus…

Somewhere in the 1990’s…

Tonight is a special night. The sitter is all lined up, and Roy and I are going out on a date. I can’t wait. I’ve been daydreaming about it for hours. I dreamily picture a secluded table for two, soft lighting, and our favorite Chinese food buffet.

Tonight, I vow, I’m going to be especially attentive. Out of all the men in the world, God gave this one to me. I’m going to look him in the eyes and hang on his every word. Yes, after this dinner, he’ll know just how much he’s loved and appreciated.

As soon as we’re seated and served, I lean close and say, “Tell me about your day, honey.” Then I settle back with an attitude of eagerness and adoration.

Now, I am a creative, artsy kind of person. If you start throwing numbers, equations, and various types of logical stuff my way, it’s like tossing me into a pile of quicksand. No matter how hard I try to hang on and concentrate, I invariably sink.

Roy, on the other hand, is Mr. Logical himself. He thrives on megabytes, ROM, and ram (don’t ask). He has computer chips for a late-night snack. Once, we received an electronic dartboard as a gift.  I agonized over where it would look best in the house; Roy wanted to take it apart and analyze its internal organs. Get the picture?

So now I take a bite of egg roll and gaze lovingly across the table. I’m doing pretty well so far; I understand he just upgraded our computer modem. So now, it’s, um…faster.

After a few minutes, however, I inevitably drift off, lost somewhere between “chips” and “extended memory.” My eyes are still fixed on his, but I’m thinking about how I love the color of his hair and how I could become lost in those expressive blue eyes of his.

Of course panic seeps in when I realize that Roy has stopped talking and has a question is his eyes. Oh, what was he saying? Cleverly I cover with, “That’s great, honey, want some more fried rice?” (I don’t think he noticed that he lost me—although those expressive blue eyes do look a tad exasperated.)

Father, thank You once again for my husband. Give me the vision to recognize and appreciate his unique gifts and abilities. Help me to remember, that after my relationship with You, my husband is the most important person in my life. As we share our lives together, may I seek to be a source of support and encouragement in our marriage.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for Him.” Genesis 2:18


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