Come to the Mountain

The mountain-top experience…

For a few moments or days you’re transported above the everyday-ness of life to a place of worship, praise, and new perspective. Communion with God is over-the-top real and vibrant. You want to linger over His Word as His gentle whisper reaches to the corners of your heart. The weight of burdens and responsibilities ever-so-briefly fall away, giving freedom to lift tired hands in expressions of thanksgiving and praise. You have the longing to stay in these moments just a little bit longer…IMG_2759

This past week at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference was a glorious blur of like-hearted creative souls coming together to grow, learn, and share—with the ultimate purpose of fine-tuning our skills to glorify God through the written word. Friendships were formed and strengthened. Encouragement rained down from faculty, staff, and other attendees. To put it simply—it was fun.

Then came the time to say goodbye, with myriad promises to keep in touch and to hold each other accountable in the days ahead. We walked away from the mountain with fresh resolve—and perhaps, a bit of trepidation: Uh, Lord, I’m not sure about this…I felt so strong this week, but now I will be alone…

IMG_6112As I pointed my aging Camry down the mountain toward home, hope and anxiety vied for attention in my thoughts. Bits of wisdom from conference speakers swirled in my mind—you’ll be going back to the valley…everyday life will be waiting…stay in the Word…don’t quit…fulfill your calling…

As the beautiful mountains grew smaller in my rearview mirror, God’s whisper broke through my anxiousness to remind me—Daughter, you may be leaving the mountain, but you are not leaving Me. No matter where you are, we will continue walking together. And we will continue having fun…

What joy to know that our Lord is with us in the valleys as well as in the higher places! And how exciting that we can go to the mountain at any time, just by approaching the Throne of Grace with the burdens and joys of our hearts.

When we know Him as Savior, His Holy Spirit lives in us—guiding, growing, pushing, encouraging, lifting, and challenging us to be all we were created to be. Wow, 24-hour access to a mountain-top  experience. How amazing is that!

Have you met God at the mountain today?

Father, I praise You for the joys of the last few days and for the joys to come. Help me to remember that I didn’t leave you on the mountain, but that You are here with me in the everyday-ness of my life. I love You, Jesus.

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“I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” 2 Corinthians 6:16b (NIV)

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