Ten Things I’m Thankful For (That I Can’t Say in Church)

At the risk of sounding unspiritual, I am going to compose a list of ten things for which I am extremely thankful – things that would barely receive an honorable mention during Sunday school, or a Thanksgiving service. I will not be sharing the typical offerings, i.e. the joys of: my saving relationship with Jesus Christ, my precious marriage to an amazing man, my children, extended family and dear friends. I will forego babbling on and on about how my heart puddles when my baby grandson “kisses” my face or how I almost cried when I had the privilege of feeling my youngest grandson kick in my daughter’s tummy. I will not share scripture about keeping a thankful heart. I will simply list a few things that make me smile.

So here we go…in no particular order…

1 – Peanut M&M’s


2 – Autumn in the South (Cotton fields, sunflowers, cooler temps)


3 – Diet Dr. Pepper


4 – Our overgrown mutt, Harvey, who can turn 27 circles in 10 seconds


5 – Peanut M&M’s


6 – A genuine wood-burning fireplace on a cold rainy day


7 – My husband’s goofy jokes and laughing till it hurts


8 – Andy Griffith reruns


9 – Football season (Go Panthers!)


10 – My favorite pair of blue jeans and a pair of fluffy socks



11 – Hobby Lobby

(I added an extra one, just in case someone noticed a repeat)


Thank you, Father, for your good and perfect gifts – the heart-stopping amazing ones, and the simple-everyday ones!

(I have to share just one…) Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1

Now it’s your turn! What are your “everyday” favorites?

 It has occurred to me that while we might not hear these “blessings” shared in an adult setting, we would surely hear many like them in a group of children. We can learn so much from the simple thankfulness of a child!

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