Give Me…Less!

calendar2I turned the page in my calendar/planner and ran my hand over the blank squares. Ah, a fresh start. December’s grid was covered with notes, plans, and obligations, but January was the tip of a brand new year—unadorned with duties and responsibilities. For now.

What will I do with this fresh set of days?

There is one thing of which I am sure—I want less. 

Less worry—and more faith in the One Who created me. Continue reading

Exciting News!

candlepicOn a warm summer evening, surrounded by candlelight, guitar music, family, and friends, my husband and I witnessed our oldest daughter and her sweetheart pledge their lives and their love to each other.

Twenty months later, as the quiet of the church sanctuary shielded the gathered family and guests from a spring rainstorm, our middle daughter joined hands with her beloved and exchanged their promises of forever faithfulness.

Two weddings in less than two years. Continue reading

I Resolve


Heart Undivided is kicking off the year (football on the brain) with a new look. I hope you like it! The first post of 2015 is a throw-back to life with little ones. Ah, the memories.

Future posts will focus on the top soul-shrinkers in our lives – how little habits can be stumbling blocks in our quest to experience the amazing abundant life that God desires for us. I look forward to exploring God’s Word together!


 It’s hard to believe, but we are standing on the threshold of a brand new year. Looking back, I can’t help but wonder, Where did last year go? With excitement and anticipation I draw a deep breath and boldly take a first step into the future. I don’t get very far, however, before I’m interrupted with that age-old, most irritating question:

So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?   ath6EYNIVNE


Can’t I just be happy about a new year without having to resolve something? Okay, I’ll play along. I resolve. . .I resolve. . .I resolve to be more decisive. . .I guess. Well, I’ll try anyway. And I’ll clean out the refrigerator more often. Although personally, I think the moldy stuff in the back is very educational for the girls.

I’ll try to remember to open the damper before I build a fire. I promise never, ever again to accidentally wash my red sweatshirt along with everyone’s underwear. And I resolve most solemnly to never again use Roy’s pliers to nail something on the wall (unless I can’t find the hammer).

I’ll try not to use the ATM quite so often (unless I run out of checks). Oh, and I’ll do better about recording specific amounts in the check register. And I’ll definitely put a stop to my impulse buying—unless, of course it’s on sale, wherein I declare the previous resolution null and void.

Wow. That’s a lot of changes to make in one year. Maybe I should just concentrate on one or two. . .

I want to thank You for
the blessings of the past year.
You have been at work
in my life in countless ways.
I praise You for Your faithfulness
and especially for Your forgiveness.
As I begin a new year,
remind me to grow from
my mistakes and to give
every moment to You.

He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.   Isaiah 33:6

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night. Psalm 92:1-2

(From Time Out: A Quiet-time Devotional)