Warm Juice and Leftover Cookies

file0001341742619 I should have been excited about the evening. I wanted to be. But I had a sense of heaviness—and to be honest, I felt a little betrayed.

It was a Monday night, and my family had just returned home from serving in a Kids’ Club sponsored by our church. We were blessed to be part of a great team of youth and adults willing to jump in and use their gifts to share the Gospel with unchurched children in our community.

But my uneasiness lingered through the night and into the morning. Frustrated, I went outside, sat on our front porch swing, and started talking…

“Okay, Lord. What’s going on? Is it my attitude? What is…wrong?”

For a while, there was silence. Then…

Say it, child.

“I don’t know what you mean, Lord.”

Say it.

I sighed. There was no use trying to hide it. Frustration spilled from my heart…

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