To the One Who Calms the Storms


Lord, our hearts ache for those devastated by the recent hurricane. For those who have lost loved ones, we pray for Your comfort in their lives. Make us sensitive to their needs. May Your Holy Spirit open our eyes to genuine, practical ways to reach the ones who are hurting. Help us to look beyond our time of simple inconvenience to those who are clinging to any promise of hope.

And Father, we pray for those on the front lines of rescue and restoration. For every emergency worker, utility worker, state and community leader—we pray for their safety and strength. 

Father God, thank you for being our Stronghold and Deliverer. You are Master over every storm in our lives. In every wave that washes over us, help us to see Your hand and to know that You remain in control.

Thank you, Jesus. We love You.


Please join me in praying for the families devastated by Hurricane Matthew—especially those in Haiti.

In Christ,

Leigh Ann

3 Verses for When Life Doesn’t Make Sense (And We’re Tempted to Doubt God)


stormpicWe all have them—times that our feet get knocked out from under us. Life happens and we feel blind-sided by pain and sorrow.

Betrayal. Death. Financial hardship. Sickness. Job loss.

We feel trapped in a cloud of confusion and no matter how hard we pray, we can’t feel God’s presence or see His hand in our circumstances. Continue reading