Diet Dr. Pepper and The Holy Spirit

I don’t go very long without a diet soft drink in my hand. When I feel the need for something to drink, nothing gets in my way until my thirst is quenched (Yay, DDP!).

In the same way, sometimes my soul feels so dry, and I long to drink in the soothing, soul-quenching grace of the Holy Spirit. The need becomes so strong that I drop what I’m doing and slip away to a private place—the bedroom, the bathroom, or the back porch.

When I go to my Father, I am never disappointed. He reveals to me my innermost self. He shows me the burdens that I thought I had laid at His feet, but which I later took back upon myself. He reminds me of the needs of others, that perhaps I had promised to pray for, but didn’t.

He listens as I confess what He already knew.

He restores my soul. 

One of my favorite verses is, For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose (Phil. 2:13). This scripture is full of such excitement and promise! When I have a longing to pray, it’s not because of anything I’ve done. . .but because my Creator is moving in me.

What an awesome thought! It never ceases to amaze me that God actually takes the time to notice insignificant me and to draw me closer to Him. What’s even more amazing is that in His eyes, I’m not insignificant at all. In fact, even when the whole world may be against me, my Lord thinks I’m pretty special.

Wow, what a Savior!


 Father, thank you for the gift and the privilege of prayer. Thank you for placing within my heart a longing to know You. And thank you for satisfying the thirst of my soul.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. Romans 8:26

(Adapted from Time Out: A Quiet-time Devotional)

Loaded Questions

I’ve done it again.

I’ve put that hunted, trapped look on my husband’s face. Good grief, I just wanted an honest huntedtrappedlook2answer to a simple question. I didn’t realize that I was asking so much. But his pained expression tells me my latest loaded question has set a new record.

All I said was, “Honey, if I died, how soon do you think you’d remarry?” and he acted as if I had said, “Honey, I’m going to destroy the computer or the flat-screen; which would you prefer?”

He finally responded. “I wouldn’t remarry, babe. No one could ever take your place.”

“Yes, you would. Anyway, I want the girls to have a mother.”  huntedtrappedlook3

“Honey, I can’t even imagine being married to someone else.”

(Satisfied smile) “Thanks, sweetie…me too. (Pause) So…how long would you wait?”

I know I’ve gone too far when he sighs deeply and mutters something about needing to change the oil in the car.

I have a history of creating these sorts of conversations. Other hall-of-famers include: “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” “Do you think I’m starting to look old?” “Is there anything you would change about me?”

He probably thinks I derive some sort of deranged pleasure from watching him squirm. He might suspect that I don’t even want an honest answer…I think I’ll ask him.


Oh Father, how many times have I come to You under the pretense of seeking Your guidance—and then gone my own way? Give me a yearning for the honesty and purity of heart that only Your light can give. Don’t let me cater to vanity and shallow living when there is so much reality to be lived in You.

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. Psalm 143:10

(Excerpted from Time Out: A Quiet-time Devotional for Busy Moms)

What’s your favorite loaded question? 🙂