The Joy of Counting

My toddler grandsons love to count. Chairs, stuffed animals, toys, ears, toes, freckles, trees, stars—you name it—they will count it. The joy of counting begins early. One-two buckle my shoe anyone? But somewhere along the way the simple pleasure of numbering gets distorted. As adults, we place a numerical value on everything—calories, steps, social media … Continue reading The Joy of Counting

Exciting News!

On a warm summer evening, surrounded by candlelight, guitar music, family, and friends, my husband and I witnessed our oldest daughter and her sweetheart pledge their lives and their love to each other. Twenty months later, as the quiet of the church sanctuary shielded the gathered family and guests from a spring rainstorm, our middle … Continue reading Exciting News!

3 Myths Christians Believe—Part 3

Part 3: God Is Not Quite Enough   If someone asked us point blank if we thought God was “enough,” we would say, “Of course! He’s all I need.” But our lives tell another story. My marriage needs Jesus and for my spouse to shape up and make me happy. My children need to know … Continue reading 3 Myths Christians Believe—Part 3

3 Myths Christians Believe—Part 1

The last days and weeks in the good ‘ole USA have been, um…unusual. Unsettling. Worthy of serious hand-wringing. Many Christians have soul-sighed, “Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Why don’t those sinners just stop, you know, sinning? Come on, Lord…repair those reprobates and all will be right with the world.” Which leads us to the first … Continue reading 3 Myths Christians Believe—Part 1

Dear Donald and Hillary

If you have a moment between campaign stops, there's something I need to say. Forgive my bluntness, but…well, you’re wrong. Both of you. We are not nasty. Nor are we sex objects, pigs, “witches,” bimbos, or deplorables. We are created in the image of the Most High God and we have a purpose.   The … Continue reading Dear Donald and Hillary