For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

  • Do you long to share with others—through writing or speaking—what God is teaching you in prayer and in study of His Word?
  • Do you find yourself scribbling notes and ideas on napkins, scraps of paper, or in the margins of your church bulletins?
  • Do your most intriguing story or article ideas take root as you’re trying to fall asleep at night?

If these questions brought a smile or made your heart beat double-time, then you, my friend, have the heart of a communicator. And like Eric Liddell felt God’s pleasure when he  ran in the 1924 Olympics, you feel the joy of walking in step with God when you write the words He’s given you to share with the world.

Coaching can help to:

  • Discover your unique writing “voice,” message, and core audience
  • Identify your core values and to compose a personal mission statement
  • Move forward in your writing/speaking journey
  • Clarify your message
  • Explore potential publishing opportunities 
  • Brainstorm and prepare for a workshop, presentation, or speech
  • Overcome discouragement when tempted to give up on your writing or speaking dream
  • Organize and write a book proposal, one-sheet, article, devotion, etc.
  • Brainstorm future writing/speaking ideas and projects
  • Prepare for a writers’ conference or for a meeting with an editor

 … and so much more!

Leigh Ann Thomas Coaching offers the encouragement to embrace your unique gifts and abilities and to seek God’s heart on your writing journey. Whether you are just starting out in writing and speaking, or you are ready to fine-tune a book proposal, there is a package to accommodate your needs.

Leigh Ann offers a free 30-minute get-acquainted session to ensure a good fit for a successful coaching partnership. Schedule your free session below.

All regular coaching meetings are held via phone or Zoom (ideal) and are 55 minutes in length. All packages are prepaid at contract agreement. Additional details are included in each package. Questions welcomed by email and in complimentary session.

Available Packages and Rates for 2021:  


This package includes coaching at your own pace with variable times between appointments. This works well for the writer who enjoys working “off grid” for extended stretches but wishes to seek feedback or direction when needed.

Package includes:

  • Five 55-min. Coaching Sessions at your own pace (no more than one/week)
  • Two 20-min. Mini “Emergency” Sessions (prior to the final session of the package)
  • An email follow-up communication (if needed for questions after each coaching session)


This package option also includes coaching at your own pace with plenty of time between appointments.

Package includes:

  • Three 55-min. Coaching Sessions (no more than one/week)
  • One 20-min. Mini “Emergency” Session (prior to the final session of the package)
  • Up to four emails

PERSISTENT PEN PACKAGE—$55.00 per month—must commit to a minimum of six months (*spots are limited for this option, prepaid at beginning of each month)

This coaching package is designed for the writer/speaker who is beginning her journey and who needs consistent encouragement and coaching OR for the writer who is ready to move to the next level in publishing OR for the writer preparing for a writing conference, first book proposal, or for a meeting with an editor.

Package includes:

  • Monthly coaching sessions (55 min.)
  • Weekly emails
  • One 20-min. Mini “Emergency” Session/month



  • One 55-min. Coaching Session
  • Two emails


Leigh Ann would love to walk alongside you and to provide encouragement in your writing and speaking journey. Contact her below to get started with your free coaching session:

(If you have not been contacted within 48 hours, please email directly). Thank you!