Why Undivided?


In my morning excursion through the Psalms, I come across familiar words…

Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth;

Found in Psalm 86:11, it’s an easy prayer. Teach me your way, O Lord… That’s what I desire in my walk with Christ. I want Him to teach me, lead me. The only way I can ever walk in His truth is to be taught by the Holy Spirit. But the Psalmist’s next words grab at me, causing discomfort and making me wish I had stopped reading a little earlier…

give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.

An undivided heart? Is that even possible? How can a woman’s heart echo the words of this prayer? We are pulled in myriad directions in our roles of wife, mother, friend, employee, volunteer, neighbor, (and the list goes on). Every area seems to retain a piece of our heart, until we feel scattered and pressed down.

The key, it seems, is in the praying. As I seek God, asking Him to teach and lead me, I am turning over all the individual pieces of my heart to Him. I am asking Him to rule in the minutiae, in all the areas to which He has called me.

My heart may be shared in a hundred different ways, but my prayer is that when each inner door to those areas is opened, my Lord Jesus is standing there.

Father God, rule in me.  May I yearn for a heart undivided, that I may fear Your Name.


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